Don’t even know what we don’t know.

As I start to really embrace my role as the major domo on our new adventure I realize I don’t actually have a clue as to what we’re doing. And I’m not sure I’ll figure it out in time. I mean I’m pretty sure we have all the big things covered. Red thinks she’s found a recruiter she can trust and that she likes, we’ll have the 5th wheel secured by the end of this week, we’ve got a brand new truck for our tow vehicle, and everything is looking like it’s falling in step with our plan.

But… what don’t we know? What are we going to find on the road? Do we really know what to expect at an RV park? How can I help her if she catches a lot of static from CA Union nurses? What rookie mistakes are we going to make and how can we minimize their effects? This list keeps going. However, it all circles back to the same driving thought in my mind, how can I ensure that this adventure is the best it can be for Red. This wonderful woman who pulled me from the very pit of despair and gave me a life that surpassed my dimly lit dreams? This is my chance to help her realize a dream she’s had since she graduated nursing school.

Please Lord let me do this right.

And for the rest of you . Any and all advice on everything will be greatly appreciated.