Not to Bragg or anything

I have a love affair with the ocean that began the very first time I stood on a shore.  Though I was thirteen at the time, I can still remember looking out over the waves and feeling overwhelmed by how beautiful the ocean is. The water was too cold to really swim, but I waded in anyway. I loved the taste, the smell, even the sticky sand that coated everything. I knew then that I wanted to live by the sea. And then I went back to land locked Arkansas.

Through out my life, given the choice of a trip, my first pick is always a beach. The season isn’t even important. Neither is the drive to get there. Just let me sit, listen to the waves and read and I am a very happy lady. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the ocean in almost three years. This is actually the longest I’ve gone without seeing the ocean since I was thirteen. (I just realized this!)

So because of this more than anything else, I am so excited about my first assignment that I feel like I am about to burst. Into song. Really at any minute. Think The Sound of Music.

The moving castle is headed to Fort Bragg California!!!!

A town I had never heard of until this week. The Pacific is on one side and redwoods are on the other. This won’t be my typical gulf beach. The average highs for the months we will be there will be in the 60s with the average lows in the 40s. But just in pictures Fort Bragg is breathtakingly beautiful.

And the location won’t be the only big change. I will be going to a critical access FOUR bed ICU. To put that in perspective, I currently work in a 27 bed neuro trauma ICU at a level 1 trauma and stroke center. I think our hospital has 60 critical care beds total. So this will be a huge change. But nursing is nursing is nursing. And I have worked in small hospitals before.

I still kind of can’t believe this is real. I mean really real. I am getting to be a travel nurse, which I have wanted to do since I was in nursing school. And I will be living next to the ocean. I’ve had that dream for twenty years. I am still constantly having “I can’t believe this is my life!”moments. And none of this would be happening without the support of my amazing husband who listened to my day dreams and said “Why not! We can make this happen!”

And we are!