We are Have Nurse will travel. My names David the house husband/seneschal/kept man to an amazing wife and travel nurse, we’ll call Red. (She’s a decided redhead. One day she decided to be a redhead and so she is, it suits her perfectly.) This is my chronicle of our adventures in the world of travel nursing. As I’m writing this we are in the prepping stage of our first assignment. We go and pick up our Magic Moving Castle in just over  a weeks time. And we are only three months away from D-day. (In this case that means Departure day.) We’re excited and hope to share our adventures, success, and stumbles with anyone who is either thinking about traveling, traveling, or just enjoys semi-clever writing. Once again thanks for stopping by. Feel free to send us a message, drop a comment, or share anything that strikes your fancy.

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  1. Hello and congratulations on your travels, I am a Nurse and I totally would love to pack up and travel. It’s a big move, for sure. I am looking forward to following you guys. My name is Sparky, I am in North Carolina.

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  2. Hi guys! Just stopping by to check your blog. I’m also a travel RN and I think what you guys are doing is great–you are truly blessed to have one another on this great adventure. Looking forward to reading your blog in the future all the best!

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