Well now that was exciting. It has been exactly 9 days (almost to the hour) since we pulled out of Ozark, MO. We have been busy. But oh what an amazing 9 days it has been. The trailer towed fantastical and my only real complaint is that Arizona Transportation needs to work on the stretch of I-40 between Flagstaff and Kingsman. It was rough folks. We stopped to sleep twice on the way to California and on the third day made it to Oklahoma, CA (aka Bakersfield). That was where we had our first real night in an RV park. We stayed at the River Run RV Park which seemed like a really great park. We will stay there again. But this isn’t a review post.

I have family in Bakersfield. A lot of family in Bakersfield and it was good to get to see most of them. There were a few that we missed but we were only there for something like 18 hours. So to you few I missed, We will see each other next time we come down. But those 18 hours were just what we needed heading into what ended up feeling like the longest leg of the trip.

From Bakersfield we drove 306 miles to Auburn, dodging road construction, slow semi trucks, and overly important drivers who thought it was a personal affront to have us and our trailer sharing their road. In Auburn we picked up the three missing pieces to our little tribe. “The Boy” eldest of the three, “The Girl” middle and lone defender of those who love pink, and “Little Man” who just turn 4 and his favorite catch phrase is “I do it my own self.” I can’t describe the joy of having them yell “DADDY” as they all ran and pounced on me.

From Auburn it was another 218 miles to Fort Bragg. Including the stop for dinner in Sacramento the whole trip took almost 14 hours. And we finished with a 33 mile stretch across HWY 20 by far the snakiest road I’ve driven in a  long time. It took us a little over an hour. But we made it was gorgeous and we eventually made it to the coast and to our little spot here in Fort Bragg at The Sportsman’s RV Park.

It took a day or two to get really setup. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to leveling a trailer and all the in and outs of organizing for such a small space. But we are having a blast and have really made “The Moving Castle” our home. It has really been an amazing week here now too. But that will wait for another post. (Which will probably come later today)

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment, like, or follow. And if you write a blog be sure to let me know. We’ll stop by to check it out!

Inside the Moving Castle
This kids room. There is a bunk above the TV also.
Brutus has had a hard time adjusting can’t you tell?
The grown-ups room
The Kitchen.
Looking forward.

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