Cal and the Moving Castle

So the downhill slope is getting a bit steeper as we approach Departure day.., From now here on referred to as D-Day. This past Tuesday Red payed for the trailer. Today I went up there with my Dad and picked our Moving Castle up. And I couldn’t be happier with it. We are now the proud owners of a Forest River Wildwood 33BHOK.

And here it is!
And here it is!

20150425_131927 20150425_131949 20150425_132010 20150425_162337 20150425_162350

She’s 37 feet from bow to stern with 33 feet behind our Ram 2500. We pulled her 200+ miles today from the dealer to where we’re docking her (don’t ask about the boat analogy… I don’t know.) till we load her up and roll down to our first assignment. The master bedroom is in the front and there is a kid’s room with three bunks in the back. The outdoor kitchen is one of my favorite parts. Gives me a bit more confidence in not killing us all as I take on the cooking role.
download_20150425_213730 Some inside shots.

So this is the Moving Castle. And that red beauty in front of it is Cal. If any of you all get that reference let me know. You’ll win a prize!

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