Running Downhill

I remember when I was 4th or 5th grade I got to go on  a week-long school trip to camp K.E.E.P. This was a big deal. A rite of passage. It was a nature camp that kids who lived in my area of California got to go on. For those that know the area it’s by Moro Bay and Pismo beach. Anyways I have a very clear memory of a nature hike we took to the beach. We where going through this sand dunes and when we crested them there was the beach. This part of the beach was national park so there was no one else there. Our councilors told us we could run down the dune to the beach if we wanted to. And that’s exactly what we did.

It was exhilarating. I was convinced that I had never ran that fast before. It seemed my stride covered a mile at a time. (I was 11 and prone to exaggeration.) But as I started to approach the end of the sandy slop and the rocky beach loomed massive in my view I realized I no longer had control of my feet. They were still doing their job but neither I nor them had any clue on how to slow down. Time seems to dilate at times like these. I knew that if I tried to stop I’d lose it and go tumbling to my death. (I had a flair for the dramatic also.) That’s when I heard one of the counselors yell. “Don’t stop! Keep running!” I listened and was amazed at how my feet managed to keep me up right and not get into a fight with each other as the slop shifted to the level ground. I ran another yard or so before I felt I could slow down. Managing to stop breathing heavy, smiling from ear to ear, and looking at the raging waves in front of us.

That was a lesson I learned well. When your running and things seems to be moving faster than anticipated don’t fight it. Lean back keep your balance and run it out. Your feet know their job. That’s how I feel right now. Like I’m sprinting downhill. This is good because I can’t wait for what’s at the bottom. But boy are things picking up speed. Tomorrow the lovely Red, is going to the dealership and giving them the check from the bank for our 5th Wheel, A Forest River Wildwood 33BHOK. Friday the 5th wheel hitch will be installed in the bed of the truck and Saturday I go and pick the trailer up for its maiden voyage. Then there is only the culling of stuff and the packing left to do. Our launch date is mid July. And it feels like we only recently decided to chase this dream.

I’m amazed at how fast this is all coming together. And at the same time reassured.  Things only work like this when it’s the natural progression. So if you here a boyish yell of exhilaration, with only a slight hit of fear that I might forget how to operate my feet, don’t worry that’s just me. And I’m loving every second of it..

7 thoughts on “Running Downhill

  1. “When you’re running and things seems to be moving faster than anticipated don’t fight it.” <— thank you for this. I kinda needed the reminder. Do you know where your wife is going to travel to yet?

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      1. you’re welcome. i know the feeling. the main reason we blog is mostly for ourselves and then somewhere along the way, someone reads your post and affects/inspires him/her in either the smallest or the most profound way! such a pleasant feeling to have helped even if just a tiny bit. 🙂

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