Overwhelmed… Yup I’m going to go with that. I mean excited works too, but that only tickles at the surface of the emotions I’m feeling right now. I feel a bit like a pot that is just about to start a rolling boil. I can see the signs of activity but it all looks pretty calm… but any second and I’ll just be a flurry of emotions. (Hmmm I’ll get better at the analogies I promise.)

But introductions first I guess! I’m David and this blog is going to be my place to chronicle the adventures of being the lucky husband of an amazing woman, I’ll call Red, who is an amazing RN with a decade of ICU experience, as we embark on the adventure of travel nursing.

And now back to the boiling pot!

We are currently past the “Hey this could be fun” stage and have entered the “Okay we’re doing this! How the hell are we going to do this!” As I write this our financing for the 5th wheel trailer we’re going to buy is in the air, we’ve only just now found a recruiter Red likes, we have the monumental task of culling a three bedroom apartment down to fit inside of a 32 foot 5th wheel, a trip to pick up my kids in California fast approaching, and we’re still waiting for a part to get the actual hitch installed into the truck!

The heating element on the burner is RED!

But! Then we breath… we’ve got this. We know the financing will work. The money is set aside for the hitch. The trip to get the kids will be a mini vacation, and possible maiden voyage of the trailer. And we are actually really looking forward to downsizing. WE’VE GOT THIS! And I get to be the man who has helped make my wonderful wife’s dream come true.

I’m a truly fortunate man.

18 thoughts on “Overwhelmed!

      1. and oh btw, if you have Facebook, travel nurses have a group there called Travel Nurse Network – the gypsy nurse. you might want to check that out. they are an amazing resource and support at the same time too.

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  1. I’m the owner of the group mentioned above. We would love to have you join us! Our primary goal is education and collaboration! If you ever want to guest post for our website thegypsynurse.com please get in touch. We love to hear our readers stories!! Inspire and provide support someone else from your trials, tribulations and adventures!! I’m looking forward to reading about your continued travels….

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      1. David and “Red”. Too funny…anyway. I want you two to know that the Gypsy networks have been an amazing resource for me. Can I just say I’m ridiculously proud of you two. As your Auntie I reserve the right to brag about Ya’all at every available opportunity. Hugs and love to you both.

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      2. LOL Thanks. Yeah we are both on the Gypsy networks sites. And I decided to use “Red” to give a bit more space between the blog and what ever facility she ends up working with. We’ll never talk about the facilities but this way there is just one more step of separation.


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